Sunday, May 15, 2011

Turtle Dove

The first Turtle Dove of the year arrived near Gibsons Garden this morning Saturday 14th May.  This is only the second spring record of this species at Loop.  Also at Loop today were one Whitethroat, one Willow Warbler, 15 Sedge Warblers, ten Collared Doves, 32 Rock Doves, ten Sand Martins, four Chough, one Raven, 2,500 Manx Shearwaters off the Bridges of Ross, two Puffins there also with four Whimbrel.  Other species of note were large numbers of Gannets off the tip of the headland where within a feeding flock of 800 Kittiwakes.

Unfortunately there was more habitat destruction over the past few weeks on the headland with the loss of Willows at the bottom of Sides Garden near the drain at the pool in the harbour.  Also along the track where the Heligoland Track was built in 1987, this track was completely cleared out with a hymac machine and the old frame of the trap wiped out as well.

John N Murphy, 14th May 2011

 Turtle Dove near Gibson's Garden Kilbaha © John N Murphy
 Sedge Warbler near Crotty's, the last house before the light © John N Murphy
 Two Common Seal were out basking on rocks in the harbour, just in front of the Lighthouse Inn  © John N Murphy
 There were two Small Copper Butterflies on a track in the middle of the headland © John N Murphy
 A count of 42 Wall Brown Butterflies was made today © John N Murphy
 Over 37 seperate clusters of The Lackey moth caterpillars were seen on the headland © John N Murphy
 The Lackey baby, junior and senior caterpillars at Loop © John N Murphy
Marsh Orchid in the open ground near the Lighthouse © John N Murphy

Today 11th May 2011, this wrecked, wet Willow Warbler was picked up in the Lighthouse compound by Dave McNamara.  It was the only migrant seen at Loop Head today.

A wet Willow Warbler at Loop Head Lighthouse © Dave McNamara

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