Saturday, October 29, 2011

Late staying Willow Warbler

At Kilbaha today there were five Pomarine Skuas chasing Kittiwakes and other gulls around the harbour and bay. One adult Sabine’s Gull was seen far out in the Bay feeding with a flock of approximately 300 Kittiwakes.  One juvenile Arctic Tern also came into the harbour.   One late staying Willow Warbler was in the New Zealand sea flax around the harbor,  along with one Chiffchaff, one Siskin, a Sparrowhawk, one Peregrine, six Snipe and four Ravens. A flock of 70 Lapwing were in adjacent fields next to Ross Bay.

John N Murphy, Jeff Copner & Howard Williams.

 Willow Warbler © John N Murphy
Pomarine Skua chasing Kittiwake in Kilbaha Bay © John N Murphy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More October Seawatching

At the Bridges of Ross today between 08.30 to 15.30, there were 45 Pomarine Skuas, two Arctic Skuas, one Great Skua, 61 Grey Phalaropes, eight Sooty Shearwaters, seven Manx Shearwaters, four Storm Petrels, ten plus Arctic Terns, one Puffin, four Red-throated Divers and two Great Northern Divers.

Paul Troake & Geoff Pearson.

The Twisted Rocks at the Bridges of Ross © John N Murphy

Merlin on the headland

At Loop Head today 16th October 2011, there was one immature Merlin at the Lighthouse, one Chiffchaff was in the Gardens at Kilbaha, two Pomarine Skuas and 3 Barnalce Geese were in Kilbaha bay along with ten Arctic Terns.

Dave McNamara

Immature Merlin at Loop Head © John N Murphy

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not much happening

At Loop Head today there was one Snow Bunting at Kilbaha, four Wheatears on the headland, 26 Snipe, one Peregrine, two Sparrowhawks, two Ketrels, ten Chough, two Chiffchaffs and one Willow Warbler.
There were also five Red Admirals.

John N Murphy

Peregrine at the Fodry © John N Murphy

Friday, October 14, 2011

Corvids Build Up

At Loop Head today there were three Pomarine Skuas (one off the head & two in the Kilbaha Bay).  There were also two Lapland Buntings, one Snow Bunting, one male Blackcap, two Wheatears, 22 Skylarks, 200 Meadow Pipits, 40 Rock Doves, 30 Chough, 34 Golden Plovers, one Red-throated Diver and a mixed flock of 300 corvids mainly Rooks and Jackdaws flying around the lighthouse.

John N Murphy & Floss Gibson.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Seabirds still migrating

Second-summer Pomarine Skua passing Fodry Point © John N Murphy
At Loop Head today 11th October 2011, there was one Snow Bunting at the Fodry, a flock of 400 Gannets were feeding off the tip of Loop Head Lighthouse, 27 Snipe and 34 Golden Plovers were in open ground around the lighthouse along with 12 Chough.  One Wheatear was in the harbour with another at fields near the Bridges of Ross along with 46 Golden Plover. Seven Swallows were in Kilbaha. One Whimbrel was at Horse Island.

A one hour seawatch (10.30-11.30) off Fodry Point there were seven Pomarine Skuas, seven Arctic Skuas, one Leach’s Petrel which was taken by a Peregrine out to sea, one Red-throated Diver and four Great Northern Divers.

A one hour seawatch this evening (17.00-18.00) off the Bridges of Ross produced three Long-tailed Skuas (two adults and one 2nd-cal bird), 15 Arctic Skuas, 11 Pomarine Skuas, seven Bonxies, five Leaches Petrels, one Storm Petrel, three Sooty Shearwaters, six Manx Shearwaters, two Great Northern Divers and one Red-throated Diver.
Mammals & Insects
Irish Hare near the tip of Loop Head © John N Murphy

There were hundreds of Drinker Moth caterpillars throughout the headland, 26 Irish Hares, two Speckled Wood Butterflies, one Peacock Butterfly and one Grey Seal was off Fodry Point.

John N Murphy.

Monday, October 10, 2011

More Seabirds

There are still some seabirds lingering off the Bridges.  Today a half hour seawatch off the Bridges of Ross produced two Pomarine Skuas, three Bonxies, five Sooty Shearwaters and ten Manx Shearwaters.
One Snow Bunting was in Kilbaha.

Dave McNamara

Snow Bunting © John N Murphy

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pomarine Skua Kilbaha

At Loop Head today 8th October 2011, there were eight Snow Buntings (one immature/female on the Horse Island Road, one male near the parking area at Fodry, one on Fodry Hill and five at the tip of Fodry Point). One juvenile Pomarine Skua was in Kilbaha Harbour. On the headland there was one male Merlin, 40 Snipe, one Wheatear, ten Swallows.  One Grey Phalarope was off the Fodry Point along with three juvenile Bonxies and 16 Brent Geese.

John N Murphy

Pomarine Skua © John N Murphy
 Snow Bunting © John N Murphy

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pomarine Skuas

At Loop Head today there were two Snow Buntings, one Chiffchaff, two Ruff at Cloghaun Lough, ten Swallows, three Wheatears and 70 Golden Plover. Between the Bridges of Ross and Fodry Point there were one juvenile Sabine's Gull, 37 Pomarine Skuas, ten Arctic Skuas, ten Bonxies, two Grey Phalaropes, one Red-breasted Merganser, one Great Northern Diver and two Red-Throated Divers.

John N Murphy & Jeff Copner

 Pomarine Skua adult off the Bridges of Ross © John N Murphy
 Snow Buntings at Loop Head © John N Murphy
Chiffchaff in Kilbaha  © John N Murphy

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Seawatch

Bridges of Ross 6th October 2011

Weather: Strong North-west Force:6-7
Observers: Killian Mullarney, Brian Porter, Paul Archer, Paul Troake & Geoff Pearson.

Sooty Shearwaters: 10
Leach’s Petrels: 10
Storm Petrels: 20
Pomarine Skuas: 40
Arctic Skuas: 14
Bonxies: 27
Long-tailed Skua: one juvenile
Sabine’s Gulls: 7 juveniles
Grey Phalaropes: 25
Gannet: 1400
Auk species: 1600
Great Northern Diver: 8
Arctic Tern: 150
Snipe: 1
Brent Geese: 11
Common Scoter: 6

Monday, October 3, 2011

Snow Bunting

Today at Loop Head the highlights were one Snow Bunting and a flock of 34 Chough.

Dave McNamara.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Garden Warbler

A small scattering of migrants arrived at Loop Head today 1st October.  There were flocks of Chaffinches, corvids were building up on the headland with a mixed flock of 300 Hooded Crows, Rooks and Jackdaw on the road to the lighthouse.  Throughout the rest of the headland there was one Garden Warbler, four Lapland Buntings, six Chiffchaff, one Willow Warbler, ten Wheatears, 16 Chough, two Raven, one Peregrine, one Merlin and one dark-phased Arctic Skua in Kilbaha Bay.