Monday, May 16, 2011

Iceland Gull

I was back at the Loop again today.  Things were still very quiet with one Grasshopper Warbler up the headland, no sign of the Turtle Dove, the second-year Iceland Gull below flew into the harbour at about 15.00 and landed on the rocks just over the harbour wall and stayed resting for a short while.  Other birds of note on the headland were two House Martins, one Wheatear, two Chough, 14 Rock Doves and about five Sedge Warblers.  At the Bridges of Ross there were at least 2,000 Manx Shearwaters and one Puffin, all flying south west against the wind.

Other bits of interest were; two Wall Brown Butterflies, one Speckled Wood, one Common Seal and two Hares.

John N Murphy, 16th May 2011

Iceland Gull resting in Kilbaha Harbour © John N Murphy
Iceland Gull on rocks in Kilbaha © John N Murphy

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