Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lesser Yellowlegs

On Saturday 21st May 2011, I received a text from Pearse Ryan, saying he had an unusual wader in the pond at Kilbaha.  First impressions, he thought it might have been a Wood Sandpiper or Ruff.  I phoned Pearse asking him to describe the bird as Wood Sandpiper is a very rare Spring migrant in Clare, and considering the weather patterns that we had on the lead up to this week, it could possibly be a North American vagrant.  Pearse mentioned that the bird was very tame and described the bird to me on the phone. From his description, especially when he mentioned the bright yellow legs, I suggested that it may be a Lesser Legs.  At the time PR did not have a camera with him so he returned home, went back to the scene of the crime later in the evening, and got the pictures below.  He also sent me on some video and it was clear that the bird was indeed a Lesser Yellowlegs.  This is only the 4th Clare record of this wader, all others have turned up in autumn.  Congratulations Pearse, Great find.

John N Murphy

Lesser Yellowlegs in Kilbaha Pond © Pearse Ryan.

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