Saturday, October 29, 2011

Late staying Willow Warbler

At Kilbaha today there were five Pomarine Skuas chasing Kittiwakes and other gulls around the harbour and bay. One adult Sabine’s Gull was seen far out in the Bay feeding with a flock of approximately 300 Kittiwakes.  One juvenile Arctic Tern also came into the harbour.   One late staying Willow Warbler was in the New Zealand sea flax around the harbor,  along with one Chiffchaff, one Siskin, a Sparrowhawk, one Peregrine, six Snipe and four Ravens. A flock of 70 Lapwing were in adjacent fields next to Ross Bay.

John N Murphy, Jeff Copner & Howard Williams.

 Willow Warbler © John N Murphy
Pomarine Skua chasing Kittiwake in Kilbaha Bay © John N Murphy

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